World War II: Poland demand reparations from Germany

World War II: Poland demand reparations from Germany

More than half of Poles believe that Germany still owes Poland reparations for damage caused during World War II. This topic was taken up in the report published last week by the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party on the war damage caused by German aggression 80 years ago.

52.1% of Poles believe that Poland should officially demand war reparations from Germany, according to the poll by the IBRiS Institute for the online news service Onet. In addition, 34.5% believe that the country should no longer be entitled to financial compensation for damage suffered during the Second World War. 13.5% are undecided.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told the news site the“He will act to his last breath […] that Germany is paying for the crimes for which it has not been held accountable. » The PiS report stipulates that Berlin should pay its eastern neighbor 6.2 trillion zlotys (1.3 trillion euros).

The position of public opinion on the idea of ​​demanding reparations from Germany is reflected in the political affiliations of individuals. In fact, no less than 97% of PiS voters believe Poland is right to demand reparations, compared to 48% of opposition supporters.

IBRiS also asked Poland about the likelihood of Germany agreeing to pay for war damage. While 21.3% of those questioned consider this a possibility, the vast majority (74.5%) do not believe that the federal government can take responsibility for the war damage in Poland.

In addition, 68.8% of respondents see the issue of German reparations as one of the main topics of the ruling party’s election campaign ahead of the general and local elections in 2023. On the other hand, 24.7% think the opposite. Among PiS voters, just 18 percent see reparations as a campaign issue, while 81 percent see it as a neutral issue unrelated to the upcoming elections.

International law expert Mateusz Piątkowski from the University of Lodz believes that Poland has not made any claims for compensation since 2004. Today there is no basis for the country to demand war reparations from Germany, he told the daily Gazeta Wyborcza.


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