Writer Salman Rushdie, target of Iranian fatwa, stabbed on stage in New York State

Writer Salman Rushdie, target of Iranian fatwa, stabbed on stage in New York State

British writer Salman Rushdie was stabbed in New York State on Friday August 12. Credit: Fronteiras do Pensamento – Wikipedia.

British writer Salman Rushdie, author of ‘Satanic Verses’ and target for more than 30 years of a fatwa issued by an Iranian ayatollah, was stabbed on stage in the neck and abdomen while attending a conference in New York State (USA) on Friday August 12.

The public throws itself on the aggressor

Salman Rushdie was preparing to give a literary lecture at a cultural center in Chautauqua, a small town in New York State located near Lake Erie, which separates the United States from Canada. It was late morning that the incident occurred on Friday August 12.

The suspect rushed on stage to attack the perpetrator. The presenter of the conference present at his side, Ralph Henry Reese, 73, was also affected. He is slightly injured in the face. According The Guardian, members of the public and conference organizers rushed the attacker, who was soon arrested and taken into custody by the police. This is Hadi Matar, a 24-year-old man believed to have been born in California and currently living in the state of New Jersey.

The author was then placed on a ventilator in hospital. His current state of health appears to be serious:The news is not good“, declared this Friday evening to the New York Times the British writer’s agent, Andrew Wylie. “Salman is likely to lose an eye, the nerves in his arm were severed and he was stabbed in the liver“, he detailed.

An author “on the run” for 30 years

Salman Rushdie was born on June 19, 1947 in Bombay (India), two months before the country’s independence. He was raised by a wealthy family of non-practicing Muslim intellectuals. This atheist writer is known worldwide for his work “The Satanic Verses”, published in 1988, and for which he received the Whitbread Prize the same year. One of the most prestigious literary prizes in England.

But this bestseller, deemed blasphemous with regard to the Koran and Muhammad by Muslim fundamentalists, led the Iranian Ayatollah Rouhollah Khomeini to issue a “fatwa” in 1989. It is a legal consultation on a point of religion, sometimes giving rise to condemnation, explains the dictionary Robert. «It is a decree which emanates from a religious person, that is to say from a person who has a science of the judgment necessary to promulgate a rule which coincides with an authentic Islam. Any good Muslim who follows the truth is bound to follow the fatwas“, details the iranologist Amélie Chelly to the magazine Marianne.

Forced in 1989 to live in hiding and under the protection of the British police, Salman Rushdie changed his name and called himself Joseph Anton. A tribute to his favorite authors, Joseph Conrad and Anton Chekhov. From 1993, he resumed traveling and appearing in public, while remaining under British government surveillance. In 2007, he was knighted by the Queen of England and now lives in the city of New York (USA).


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