Xavier Bertrand launches Nous France, which he promises to be “young and unifying”.

Xavier Bertrand launches Nous France, which he promises to be “young and unifying”.

“Yes, I still have the same energy and will to carry my ideas,” started the former secretary, who retired from the stage of the Republican primary in the 2022 presidential election. “We France will be a collective force, maybe I was missing that,” he said. Xavier Bertrand, whom many already see as a candidate for the next presidential election, assured that “before 2027 we have to provide solutions to the problems of the French”.

If he remains a member of the Republicans, with Nous France he wants to “speak to all French people”, especially the middle class, which will be “a priority” and “work outside of electoral assemblies”. Describing himself as “a social, Gaullist right-wing man”, he promised that “we will never chase France after the extremes” and “say no to any deadly idea of ​​a union of right-wing and extreme right”. Xavier Bertrand therefore harshly criticized the RN and the “incompetence” of their leaders: “Imagine them at the head of the country? Never!” he assured. He also advocated fighting “for order” because “if nothing is done by 2027 (…) retreat into oneself, there may even be clashes”.

“Premium in the workplace”

Lowering the criminal age of majority to 15 years, “Republic of Territories”, fight for secularism or “ecology of solutions”, the former primary candidate took up his campaign proposals in detail and criticized “the Wokist ideology”. “We must have fallen very low to see Sandrine Rousseau playing a growing role in public space,” he began to applause.

And “we will talk to those who work because in France we don’t earn enough when we work,” he added, echoing his idea of ​​the “bonus at work” that covers part of the wage bill.

On pensions, “I am willing to advocate for reform when there is justice” and “when those who have been injured by work can leave sooner,” he launched, calling on the executive to deliberate.

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