Xavier Bertrand wants to “change everything” on the right and not “be a spectator”

Xavier Bertrand wants to “change everything” on the right and not “be a spectator”

We “must change everything, without taboos” on the right, said on Wednesday in Le Figaro the president of the LR of the Hauts-de-France region, Xavier Bertrand, who “has no intention of being a spectator of this reconstruction”.

“We need new ideas and new blood to propose a new social project and to invent the law of the 21st century,” affirms Mr Bertrand, who will launch his We France party in Saint-Quentin on Saturday.

This party “aims to appeal to all French, Republicans or not, who “recognize themselves in our values: a popular right, rooted in the territories, bound to order and work, convinced of progress and trusting in business”. , he explains.

“I will do everything to ensure that LR does not become a dead star like PS,” but “if we refuse to learn the lessons from what just happened to us in the presidential election, the LRs are dead,” he estimates former Minister Nicholas Sarkozy.

By pleading “an unequivocal no to any deadly idea of ​​a union of the right and the extreme right,” he defends “a unifying, humanistic right” against the “line of identity” in which he “will never recognize himself.” A way to stand out from the hard line defended by Éric Ciotti, who intends to quickly nominate Laurent Wauquiez as presidential candidate for 2027 should he be elected president of the party.

“We could go even further and also nominate the candidates Les Républicains for 2032 and 2037,” ironically Xavier Bertrand. “Let’s be serious. We come from a disastrous presidential election, so everything has its time,” he says.

When asked about the 2027 presidential election, he assured him: “My will and energy to fight for my beliefs are intact.”

“I will not sit with my arms crossed for four and a half years and see our country and our fellow citizens in the grip of the worst of difficulties. I look ahead, determined to put my experience and energy at the service of my beliefs and my fellow citizens,” he promises.

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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