ZFE: Distribute privileges to avoid exclusion and rejection

ZFE: Distribute privileges to avoid exclusion and rejection

Very little known and yet so old. The system of environmentally friendly zones (ZFE-m) was introduced by the Mobility Orientation Act passed in summer 2019. Already for two years. However, since all this time, few motorists have taken the measures they will take from January 1, 2025, when all metropolitan areas with at least 150,000 inhabitants will have to ban entry to vehicles considered to be the most polluting geographical perimeter of their ZFE-m. However, if the motorist is not overly concerned, it is because they are making the mistake of believing that this area will be limited to the downtown area.

The inhabitants of the agglomerations of Lyon, Rouen, Toulouse or even Paris are aware that a ZFE-m extends to large outskirts and affects hundreds of thousands of households and motorists.

As of January 2025, 44% of the population will be subject to movement restrictions in FEZ-m

Even more surprising is that the rules adopted by regulators are not the same in all m-ZFEs. “Some of the 45 planned ZFE-m will want to go beyond the legal requirements and ban a category of newer vehicles,” explains Gérard Leseul, deputy (PS) and co-rapporteur with Bruno Millienne (modem) of the mission “to be accompanied by parliamentary measures at the Implementation of environmental zones” on October 12th.

Reference: www.challenges.fr

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